people Think that They can Change their body and life By Taking a Pill, Doing a diet, Meditating, Or changing jobs.

As your Coach...

The Truth Is...

your body and Life is a symptom of a much deeper problem- How You Think And Feel About Yourself.
If you don’t Change Your inner dialogue, nothing Will Change.

Are You Ready?

I Want To Help You End Burnout For Good and reclaim your Mind, Body and soul.

The Self Mastery Program is a 1-year 1-on-1 coaching program with me, that empowers you with the tools you need to avoid burnout, end exhaustion, and start eating, moving and living in a more balanced way.
Rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science, SMP combines cutting-edge tech and holistic practices. The journey is divided into 3 phases, each delving deeper into self-discovery, empowerment, and growth.

self mastery program


First, we need to understand what is driving you to abuse yourself through over-working, over-exercising, over-giving, etc. Why don't you feel deserving of better care for yourself? What is in the way of you taking the best care of yourself?

We'll explore what's driving these self-abusive behaviors and heal these parts of you so that you break free from them for good and feel deserving of taking the best care of yourself. (3 months)


In Phase 2, you'll. learn how to love yourself enough to take the best care of yourself. We'll do a 260 degree upgrade on all your daily habits, beliefs, emotions, and wellness goals.

By cultivating a deep feeling of self love, you'll learn to trust yourself, respect yourself, value yourself, express yourself, set boundaries and make decisions around work, food, exercise, people, and life. You can expect to create  lasting skills, character traits and routines that will support you for the rest of your life.  (3 months)


The final phase will be about stepping out of a life driven by fear, anxiety and guilt and become rooted in inner peace, compassion and love.

While continuing to master your physical transformation, you'll learn how to establish a deep connection with yourself, cultivate unwavering inner peace, only take actions that align with your vision of wellness, and live a life rich in love. This phase is optional but highly recommended.  (6 months)




1-Hour Private Coaching Call 2x Each Month

 Daily 20-Minute Inner Training Practices To Do At-Home (via app)

 Optional Add-On: 24/7 Text-Voice Access To Me



Price With Text/Voice Access To Me = $555/Month 

Price Without Text/Voice Access To Me = $444/Month 

*Pay-In-Full Discounts Available Upon Request.





You go-go-go all the time. You’re disciplined with the gym and your food. You count your steps, you track your macros, you eat the right food, and chances are you have a really hard time giving yourself permission to relax. You’re tired. No. You’re exhausted. 

With all the time and effort you put into the gym and food, you’d think you’d look better. You question whether it’s worth all the work because you’re not seeing any results. But you’re too afraid of what will happen if you don’t keep up with your routine, so you continue the grind. You’re curious if there’s a better way. 

THE “Menopause” TYPES

You used to be motivated to workout and eat well, but something happened. Since then, you feel like you’ve lost yourself. It takes everything you have to do what you used to do with ease. You find yourself opting out of your workouts, your walks and your healthy meals and you hate it. But with every excuse you make, it gets harder and harder to start back up. The weight is starting to creep on, your cravings are always high, your mood sucks, and it’s starting to affect your relationships. You desperate to do something about it because you’re scared of what will happen if you continue down this path.


You’ve done it all. Tried it all. And nothing works. You’re confused. Frustrated. And frankly, just so fed up with everyone’s opinion. You’re likely over the age of 35 and possibly in the menopausal stages. You've put on a little weight despite doing the EXACT same thing you’ve always done. And it seems like the harder you work, there’s either no change or you’re body puts on more weight. Friends and doctors tell you “it’s just part of getting older”, but you refuse to accept that as your new belief. You’re determined to figure it out. 


2 reasons you should not work with me

I need to be completely honest and transparent about something... 

Unlike all the other programs out there, SMP is not for everyone. This is a no-B.S. program. Here are 2 reasons you should NOT work with me:

If you’re NOT willing to do the deeper work and are looking for a quick fix, I am not for you. My program has been meticulously crafted around ancient wisdom and proven processes that have taken decades to develop. It works- but only if you do the work.

If you are NOT willing to change and are more interested with staying where you are, feeling helpless, complaining or blaming others on why you're not where you want to be, then I'm not for you.


how it works:

Coach Nat teaches you how to train yourself out of the  thoughts and emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck, and rewire new thought and emotional patterns that will create your vision of wellness.  




do I need to DO ALL THE 3 PHASES?

can i work with you 1-on-1?

how is your coaching different?

My coaching is extremely different from traditional diet programs and self-help programs. My tools are things that I've learned personally from eastern gurus, Shaolin monks, nuerologists, and my own personal experience. Experiencing my coaching is the best way to understand how I'm different. Listen to the testimonial videos, watch the video clips or schedule a complimentary call with me to get a feel of how I'm different.

what type of people is your program best for?

My coaching is for ANY woman who desires a better body and a better quality of life AND is willing to put forth the effort that will be required to create it. This is not a short term, quick fix. This is real change that lasts forever. If you have the desire and the willingness, then you'd be a great fit. 

what types of people is SMP not best for?

The SMP is not best for:
- people that want to compete in CrossFit, bodybuilding, or any performance-based sport
- people who are more interested in looking good than feeling good
- people who want to follow meal plans, track food and count steps for the rest of their lives
- people who are looking for a quick, short term fix
- people who are not willing to put forth the time and effort into developing themselves

what kind of results can i expect and how long will it take?

This is a loaded question because my program only works IF you do the work. The results and changes. you will see in your body and life will be completely dependent on your commitment and dedication to the program. The more willing you are to go "all in" on yourself, the faster the changes. Expect it to take a full year to completely rebuild your body and life into YOUR vision of wellness.

how does the Self Mastery Program WORK?

The entire Self Mastery Program made up of 3 phases: (UN)F*ck Yourself, Rebuild Yourself, and Master Yourself. . Throughout the entire year, we will be rebuilding and retraining your mental and emotional patterns around food, exercise, rest, and self care. We will meet virtually 1-on-1 every other week. Each call,  you learn a new mental or physical tool to help you step into the best version of yourself. You'll also get a 20-minute inner training meditation to do at home between our calls. 

By the end of the SMP program, you can expect to be the person you've always dreamed of and live the life you've always imagined. Please only apply if you are ready for radical change.

do i need to know how to meditate to do this program?

No. I don't expect anyone to have any meditation experience prior to doing this program. If you have experience, great but it's not necessary. What we will be doing in SMP is NOT meditation actually- it's inner training. We will literally be retraining your mind, body and nervous system on how to think, feel and operate in a way that will align you with the best version of yourself - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

how FREQUENTLY DO YOU OPEN UP the Self Mastery Program?

how Do i APPLY?